DOSSIERS (areafiftyonecfgos)

Amet Laza (Cienfuegos, Cuba. 1986). Self-taught artist. His work reflexes a profound understanding of the nowadays Cuba.

His social critics goes from religious issues to gender, sexual orientation, no-free speech and racial discrimination. Mostly of his work is done on the canvas but he also uses other formats like performance, videoart, installations and sculpture.   

Sharif. (Matanzas, Cuba. 1994). Self-taught visual artist. His work is basically displayed in paintings made of ink and acrylic on paper and canvas. He also has made installations using recycle materials.

He started as street-artist in 2016. He has made murals and graffiti throughout all the Island. He is very involved in Cuban hip hop movement. He is in charge of the visual art department in the National Hip Hop contest “Potaje Urbano”.

YCer (La Habana, 1974). Self-taught visual art artist. He expresses his ideas of inclusion, diversity, tolerance, respect for other forms of lives (animals) throughout his paintings and graffiti. His style combines native art, comics, cartoons and graphic design. He also has a prolific outcome in music by spokenword performances.

his art is a constant questioning of the relationship between the subject and the Devine being. Also. Cuban society: its dynamics, subjects that create dysfunctional and/or those who work for a common welfare.

Qco el Gancho (Santa Clara, 1987). Self-taught visual artists and musician. His work is a synthesis of the real wonderful that represents the Caribbean subjects. All this magic and mystic can be found in his paintings. The irrational African legacy for western culture. The black faces he paints mixed with Santeria symbols. These are not the docile negro but the strong one, the maroons that fight back Slavism. These feelings are also reflexed in his hip hop.